Agent, Jen Eager, talking to farmers about farm insurance

Farm Insurance

Farming is an important industry and we're here to help our local farmers succeed. That means making sure they're prepared for any unexpected events that could hurt business. If your farming business isn't covered, you're living dangerously. Get increased peace of mind knowing that you're protected no matter what happens with Farm Insurance from Citizens Agency Minnesota.

  • Home - Coverage for your home at today's replacement cost. Which is the amount it would cost to replace a house at current prices in the event of a catastrophe.
  • Farm Service/Outbuildings - The buildings that are on your farm including any storage buildings, barns etc. should and can be insured in the event they are damaged and/or destroyed by a catastrophe.
  • Blanket Coverage - There are usually many pieces of personal property that are on a farm that need to be insured. By choosing a specific dollar amount you can cover your personal property, machinery, livestock, grain, etc.
  • Farm Liability - Many things can happen on a farm that can cause someone to accidentally get injured. With this type of liability on a farm there is coverage for public liability, medical payments to the public, farm employee and employer's liability, and damage to property of others.
Combine harvesting corn

We Know Ag

Yes, we serve all agricultural needs. So glad you asked! Whether you're in need of cash flow or lending, our team is happy to work with you.