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Cybersecurity Awareness Basics

How to avoid identity theft, frauds, scams and more. Click below for more information.

Cybersecurity Basics

Identity Theft - What To Know

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How to take action against AI bias

Humans must be the custodians for preserving high-quality data as AI use continues to advance.

From “InfoWorld” Ravi Mayuram (8/14/2023)


Embracing a World Without Passwords

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, it’s hard to imagine a world without passwords which have been the conventional guardians of our online identities and information. However, the era of passwords is slowly but surely approaching its demise. The quest for enhanced security, convenience, and efficiency has driven technologists and innovators to explore alternatives that could liberate us from the hassle of remembering and managing multiple passwords. Welcome to a world without passwords, where cutting-edge authentication methods redefine the way we interact with the digital realm.

From “Identity Management Institute” Blog Anonymous (8/1/2023)


Striking a Balance: Fraud Prevention Versus User Experience in Digital Applications 

When it comes to signing up for a new Netflix account, consumers can go from first click to watching movies in minutes. Opening a new account at your financial institution should be no different. Your accountholders aren’t thinking about the complex security measures that go into protecting their funds. Instead, they’re thinking of the quick and easy process they’ve experienced with their favorite brands.

From “FinTalk (” Patrick Koster (8/14/2023)


Cloud first is dead—cloud smart is what’s happening now

Not every application is meant for the cloud. Enterprises need to make optimal use of their on-prem infrastructure at the same time they leverage the benefits of public cloud.

From “InfoWorld” (09/7/2023)


Cybersecurity vs Cyber Risk Management

Cybersecurity and cyber or IT risk management are essential components of any organization's strategy to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. But while the two terms – cybersecurity and cyber risk management-- are often used interchangeably, they are two distinct practices that work in conjunction to protect an enterprise from cyber attacks. As the threat landscape evolves further, it is crucial to have calculated and robust strategies for both to maintain a strong, secure, and proactive digital environment. And to do so, it is important to clearly understand the similarities and differences between the two.

From “” Agnishwar Banerjee (8/16/2023) 


14 LLMs that aren't ChatGPT 

Today's C-suite is filled with bosses who see artificial intelligence as the future, and many technology leaders take ChatGPT as synonymous with AI. But OpenAI’s flagship project is far from the only large language model—and for some software projects or domains, it might not even be the best choice. New competitors are popping up almost daily. 

From “InforWorld” Peter Wayner (7/04/2023)


Do you use payment apps like Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle?

Ever send money through an app like Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle? They make it easy to send money fast to friends or family. But what happens when it’s a scammer on the other end?

From “FTC” Amy Hebert (8/14/2023)


Mortgage Payoff Fraud Is Spiking – Up 532%

Home sales are way down but fraudsters are not hitting the brakes on mortgage related fraud.  A new CertifID report finds that fraudsters are shifting their tactics and resorting to more lucrative mortgage fraud schemes including diverting closing funds 

From “Frank on Fraud” (8/10/2023)


Don’t Keep Money in Payment Apps, the Feds Warn

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is warning people not to keep their money in payment apps. Instead, it’s recommending that people keep their money in a bank or credit union, where their deposits are automatically insured up to $250,000 in case the bank fails. Payment apps have no such insurance.

From “” Mike Brassfield (8/1/2023)


3 keys to making data democratization a reality

For most executives, data democratization is a pipe dream. The idea of seeing entire teams and departments fully enabled and empowered to use data to enhance every business decision—leading to better ROI, sustained growth, and higher overall performance—feels like a far cry from the current reality. 

From “Infoworld” Vasu Sattenapalli ( 8/25/2023)


W3LL Gang Compromises Thousands of Microsoft 365 Accounts 

A sprawling phishing empire from a threat actor known as W3LL is spreading globally, successfully compromising more than 8,000 corporate Microsoft 365 business accounts in the last 10 months in Australia, Europe, and the US. 

From “” Tara Seals (9/6/2023)


CSWP 29, The NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 

The Framework has been used widely to reduce cybersecurity risks since its initial publication in 2014. Many organizations have told NIST that CSF 1.1 remains an effective framework for addressing cybersecurity risks. There is also widespread agreement that changes are warranted to address current and future cybersecurity challenges and to make it easier for organizations to use the Framework 

From “NIST/CSRC” National Institute of Standards and Technology (8/8/2023)


Small Businesses Lead to Big Deposit Opportunities

From “” Erin Davis (8/18/2023)