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Cybersecurity Awareness Basics

How to avoid identity theft, frauds, scams and more. Click below for more information.

Cybersecurity Basics

Identity Theft - What To Know

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What To Know Before You Wire Money | Consumer Advice

Scammers pressure you to wire money to them because it’s easy to take your money and disappear. Wiring money with services like MoneyGram, Ria, and Western Union is like sending cash — once you send it, you usually can’t get it back. Never wire money to anyone you haven’t met in person — no matter the reason they give. (FTC Consumer Advice n.d.)


2024 State of Phishing and Online Scams: Statistics, Facts, Trends, and Recommendations

From prompt responses to self-driving cars, 2023 felt the significant impact of artificial intelligence (AI). While most of it was for the better and in the name of advancement, darker areas – like the world of online threats – took advantage of new and advanced capabilities.

As we shift to 2024, AI has revolutionized the ways of cybercriminals, enabling them to launch more sophisticated and targeted attacks than ever before. (Garimella 2024)


4 Things Small Businesses Should Consider in Today’s Economy

The increasing complexity of the current economic environment can be overwhelming for business owners, and this concern is only amplified by the ongoing conversations and coverage in the media. As uncertainty remains, it’s crucial for CEOs to filter out the noise and focus on their local economies to ensure they’re homing in on what really matters. Whether it be rising interest rates, ongoing inflation, low housing inventory, or concerns about the resilience of the banking industry – news can drive business owners to panic. (Forbes 2024)